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Canvas Prints

Large canvas prints create tremendous visual impact; making a fantastic focal point for any room, from residential homes, up to hotels, commercial premises, corporate offices, etc.

Canvas prints can be made from your hi-res pictures or with images sourced through our unique image archive of thousands of fine art images and photos.

Canvas prints are printed using the latest 12 inks technology printers. The permanence of the inks in combination with a UV laminate gives consistent results every time.  After printing, the prints are stretched and wrapped around a wooden frame.

The image can continue around the edge of the stretcher frame to give the canvas a 3D effect.  Alternatively, the wrap can be made in block colour, to complement the general colour scheme of the room.  The frames are made to order and that gives the customer the option of choosing the perfect size.

Canvas prints are a favourite with photographers, interior designers and anyone who wants to have that special effect on their walls.